Handmade Sunday

Handmade Sunday spotlights the handmade products that caught my eye through the week.

First up is this pendant light inspired by the American industrial age available for just $48 on Iron Pipe Lights on etsy.

Next up is the flying pig piggy bank. Hand cast in Elk Rapids, MI found on Scott Belles Etsy site

Next are these seed faces by Kelsey Pike. They combine the best of sculpture and seed bombing to create these awesome little faces that look at you while they are ripped apart by the sprouting seeds

Next is this series of vases by dahlhaus. These are handmade in Canada and come in a variety of colors.

Last up we have this glass bowl by Spun Gallery

Ghost Mothers

There is something about these photographs that really caught my eye. The presence and absence of the parenting figure in each shot is fascinating and truly makes me want to learn more.
We obviously can't ignore the fact that these have something about them that is dark, and seems a little creepy.
8 more after the jump!

Walter Mason : Land Art

I am partial to pieces of work that are only around for a short time. Paintings are nice but the idea that something is truly a one time only event is something that with the spread of media is fairly rare. I think this is why I am in love with this series by Walter Mason.
More photos the break!

Zadok Ben David : Blackfield

One of the things art does so wonderfully is to make the viewer think differently. When you break down norms, or delight someone with a suprise they begin to think differently, and I love art that does this. This is the case with "Blackfield" by Zadok Ben David.
See the little surprise and video after the jump

Amazing Jellyfish Photos by Alexander Semenov

These photos just amaze me. They are beautifully simple and show the delicate (and deadly) structure of the gelatinous blob that is a jellyfish.
More photos after the jump

Riusuke Fukahori's Three-Dimensional Goldfish Paintings

I have to say when I first saw these I thought they were real goldfish in a tank but when I realized what they really were it blew my mind. Very innovative and well done.

More photos and video after the jump
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