Handmade Sunday

Handmade Sunday spotlights the handmade products that caught my eye through the week.

First up is this pendant light inspired by the American industrial age available for just $48 on Iron Pipe Lights on etsy.

Next up is the flying pig piggy bank. Hand cast in Elk Rapids, MI found on Scott Belles Etsy site

Next are these seed faces by Kelsey Pike. They combine the best of sculpture and seed bombing to create these awesome little faces that look at you while they are ripped apart by the sprouting seeds

Next is this series of vases by dahlhaus. These are handmade in Canada and come in a variety of colors.

Last up we have this glass bowl by Spun Gallery


  1. https://www.coursera.org/user/i/72cba3253cbe6989a3ad52d6b3ae3a7c


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