Dyana Hesson's Paintings

Dyana Hesson is an artist I recently came across and I have to say I am blown away by her work. Her work is primarily florals but she has ventured into landscape (quite successfully)

Check out her website, and her facebook

Makoto Tojiki : No Shaddow

Makoto Tokiki is an artist that works primarily in light and in the "No Shaddow" series he strings together lights to form human and animal forms.

Images via

Ikebana by Makoto Azuma

Makoto Azuma is a wonderful artist that works with plants in many different ways. Recently he posted on his blog photos from his most recent Ikebana work and I fell in love.

Ikebana is the Japanese art of arranging flowers. It is minimalistic and in my opinion respects the beauty of the flowers in the arrangement far more than any of the things we see during valentines day or paraded into hospitals.

Images via Makoto Azuma's blog

Tommy Craggs : Tree Art

Tommy Craggs is a tree sculptor who has recently caused quite a stir in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, UK when he carved a few trees. Some people noticed them and then the rumors began circulating, was it a guerrilla street artist who did this? Who was it?

Well all those rumors were put to rest when someone simply asked the land owner who did the sculptures. The answer? Tommy Craggs.

Here is some of his tree sculptures.

Images : Tommy Craggs and gaks

Tilt : Panic Room

Panic Room is a hotel room in the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseilles, France that is half pure white half 'free wall' I couldn't imagine sleeping there but I'd love to see it!

Images via

L017 Faces and Skulls

Angelo Bramanti and Giuseppe Siracusa collect discarded "old school" items like records and VHS tapes and makes new and interesting pieces.

This one is certainly my favorite, it is a sculpture made of records depicting two skeletons embraced in death.

Images via

Tang Kwok Hin's Collages

Tang Kwok Hin is an artist from Hong Kong who creates these amazing collages.

Images via

Sunday Handmade

This week's Sunday Handmade begins with this sawdust fired pot by Vanessa Bullick
Next is this Apricot scented soap from Lake House Soapworks
Next up is this nerdy Nom Nom Nom pillow from the Yellow Bug Boutique
Next are these awesome little paper roses by Crazy About Creating
Last is this handmade serving dish by Magpie Studio

FAKE's Steet Art

When it comes to amazing street art most people only think of Banksy or Mr. Brainwash because of the awesome documentary called Exit Through the Gift Shop. If you paid attention to it you might also remember Space Invader, all great artist, but to me they are very much the mass produced music you hear on the radio, its nice, catchy, topical and fun but there is so many more great artists off the "radio" and FAKE is one of them.
I fell in love with FAKE's work when I saw a design by FAKE called Fake Love (pictured above) From there on I've been checking in now and then for some new things from him and I haven't been disappointed.

And finally the conclusion to FAKE Love
Also please check out this video of FAKE's process.
All images (and many more) via FAKE's Flickr
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