FAKE's Steet Art

When it comes to amazing street art most people only think of Banksy or Mr. Brainwash because of the awesome documentary called Exit Through the Gift Shop. If you paid attention to it you might also remember Space Invader, all great artist, but to me they are very much the mass produced music you hear on the radio, its nice, catchy, topical and fun but there is so many more great artists off the "radio" and FAKE is one of them.
I fell in love with FAKE's work when I saw a design by FAKE called Fake Love (pictured above) From there on I've been checking in now and then for some new things from him and I haven't been disappointed.

And finally the conclusion to FAKE Love
Also please check out this video of FAKE's process.
All images (and many more) via FAKE's Flickr

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