JR's Global Work

JR is a street artist from Paris that began as a teen with a can of spray paint simply tagging. Quickly he got the bug for this less than legal art form and began developing his work.

Eventually he started seeing the impact art can have and realized he can use it to help change the world. This has lead him into the work he currently does. All around the world he has pasted his work on walls, stairs, trains, and street cars highlighting current events.

This is an example of some of JR's early work where he wanted to show the faces of people who were being demonized in his community.

This is a piece from JR's face to face. In this series he pasted Israeli and Palestinian faces next to each other both on the wall and through the cities.
Check out the rest and the video of him describing his work after the jump!

Above and the two below are from my favorite series of JR's which is Women are Heros. In this series he traveled the world to some of the most dangerous places and highlight the pillars of that society, the women.

This last one is from Haiti, where he went after the earth quake that killed so many so fast.

Images via JR's website

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