ProtoHaus is a very, very small home that seems to be at least influenced by the Tumbelweed Tiny Home. The difference is the sleek, bright, dare I say airy interior design.

I have to say this 125 square foot home is very appealing to me, mostly because I could clean it in a few minutes.
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  1. My husband and I watch Design Star every year, and last years competition included laying out and designing one of these homes. Although I lean toward sprawling Victorian's, my husband's extremely energy-minded and would builted an earth shelter for us to live in (if I'd let him :-) ) in a heart beat- So the idea of a home with this much efficiency and not a single inch of wasted space, thrilled him to death.
    Barring the whole 'needing space for 2 adults and 2 kids with more toys then a ToysRUs' thing, I think he'd have us living in one right now if he could. LOL
    Although I do really like your point about cleaning. Especially with the tornado that is my house at the moment. ha!


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