Sunday Handmade

At the top of the list is this wooden bowl by HandCraftedBowls on etsy
Next is this absolutely amazing vase by David Lewin available from the Wheaton Arts gallery store here
Next up is something a little more every day, the vibrant colors and skillful embeds (something not easy to do!) make these bubblegum soaps kind of awesome. This item is available at Judakins Bath & Body
Next is a soap by Naokeidoe Creations, the coloration makes it look like a piece of pound cake. The scent on this particular bar is Naokeidoe's Vanilla Rocky Road. The coloration is a natural discoloration that comes with soaps with vanilla in them so the will eventually turn all the darker brown color but this pic is just awesome.
Last on today are these clay stamped seed bombs by Shady Grove Sundries on Etsy

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