SHOK-1 : X-Ray Graffiti

When I saw the work of SHOK-1 with the color, and beautiful shading I sort of fell in love. To date I don't think I've ever seen X-Ray graffiti, bones for sure but not X-ray. Love it!

Finally this one was too interesting not to include. It is also SHOK-1's work but it isn't X-ray.

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Jose Luis Rodriguez

This photo was too amazing not to not share. This photograph is of 9 European Bee-eaters huddled together on a branch. This is a seriously mind boggling shot.

By Jose Luis Rodriguez via

Mark Powell's Amazing Drawings

Mark Powell is an artist who uses vintage envelopes as his canvas. On them he draws these amazingly detailed faces with a bic pen.

More like these on Mark's flickr

Andrew Myers : Screw Art

Andrew Myers creates these wonderful pieces of 3D art using painted screw heads.

Images via

Julian Smith : The Geode Project

The Geode Project is a project by Julian Smith of A Common Name. In this project Julian finds voids in the city and fills them with these paper geodes. This is probably one of my favorite street projects just because of the attention it brings to the voids that are often overlooked.


Modern Zen Gardens by WendiLand

I love the idea of a table top zen garden, partially because I am a procrastinator and anything to fill my time that isn't work I'm all for. When I first saw these I fell in love, their simplicity partnered with their (in some cases) very bright colors with the very structural ball cacti really make these little pieces perfect.

All images via wendiland on etsy

Maskull Lasserre : Three Degrees of Certainty II

Maskull Lasserre is a Canadian artist who takes everyday objects and transforms them into things that make you do a double take. Three Degrees of Certainty is an amazingly detailed rendering of a human skull in a stack of books. These kinds of pieces always amaze me but the skull within these books just seemed to click.

Images via

Sunday Handmade

Sunday Handmade is my chance to highlight the handmade items that caught my attention this week.
First is this blown glass platter by oneilsarts

Next up is this wooden bowl by conreysa

Next are these candlesticks by lyntonandkaterina

Next up is this marble by BlowfishGlassworks

Finally we have these Jelly Bean mini soap from Suds-n-Sutch

Have a handmade product you think people should see? Email me a link to it at
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