String Gardens

I am always on the lookout for something else to add to the garden, a new technique, a freshly imported, one of a kind, or just released plant cultivar, I just like being different so when I saw the String Gardens I knew I had to do one, I hope you'll try one too.

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  1. My husband is DETERMINED to make some of these now. LOL Any tips? :-)

    1. I think the easiest way would be to use some sort of semi-circle as a basic form, line it with the string that will eventually hold it together (weave it like a dream catcher) then press in the sphagnum moss, add soil, the root ball and then the upper part of the sphagnum. Then weave the support sting all the way up to the top of the sphere and then hold it to make sure it 'sits' correctly. I am going to try it in a few weeks when the plants begin to arrive at the garden centers. I want a look like the second to the last one, probably with some shade foliage like hosta, and coleus. lined up around my down spout to look like a living rain chain.

      I think if I were to put a plastic liner between the sphagnum on the bottom and the soil in the bottom half it would cut down on the watering but it will be a high maintenance endeavor either way.


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