Sunday Handmade

In my area the 'safe date' for planting is quickly approaching so I am still in the spring mood, perhaps more than ever. All of the plants and items I've been holding back for the planting date are about to go out and finally I'll be able to see it all come together... but. There are a few things I am still looking for and I've been spending quite some time on Etsy looking for them so why not make it a Sunday Handmade?

First is this Mason Bee home by wudwerxusa. I've always liked the look of these!

Next is this raised planter by Acraftersnook. Next season I will be doing a large raised bed planter but need to start thinking about it now.

Next is this medusa head planter by dsgardenshop I like the look of a head planter with a flowing annual like alyssum in it.

Next up is this sculpture by Cottrellart

Finally, this sculpture by johndupree In my opinion no garden is complete without a sculpture.




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