Jack Long : Liquid Flowers

Jack Long used months of hard work to create these amazing photos!


New Work by Banksy

It is no secret I am in love with street art, social commentary and art with a sense of humor. These three collide into a super galaxy called Banksy where the level of brilliance is incomprehensible. Oversell... maybe, but I really love Banksy's work.


The Amazing Work of Rebecca Stevenson

Rebecca Stevenson has been working over the last ten years on this amazing body of work, and I am a now a huge fan. They are eerily beautiful which is right up my alley.

Images via

Charcoal Drawings by Jonathan Delafield Cook

These hyper realistic drawings by Jonathan Delafield Cook are incredible.


Sylvain Meyer : Land Art

If you follow the posts here you know I have a love for land and site specific art, and Sylvain Meyer is another to add into the awesome file.


Educational Centre En El Chaparral by Alejandro Muñoz Miranda

I first saw the one hallway on tumblr a while back and I could not find much, if any information on it. Well, I found some information on it, and it floored me... this design by Alejandro Muñoz Miranda is a kindergarten!

I think everybody would be better off spending time in such an amazingly colorful and artful place. This certainly takes care of the utilitarian feel many schools have.

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