FlippyCat's Domino "Starry Night"

FlippyCat's dominoes is a very successful Youtube channel where as you might expect for a Youtube channel dedicated to dominoes this man sets dominoes up and then knocks them down. There are some great videos from him but this one is so far my favorite!

Christopher Boffoli : Big Appetites

Christopher Boffoli is an amazing photographer who, besides photographing "real" things he also makes these tiny little imaginative scenes using food and tiny people to replicate day to day life.


Pablo Picasso's "Woman in a Red Armchair" Vandalized

There are some artists out there that practice the 'black hat' technique to art fame and this guy is one of them. I will not publish his name, twitter or website for two reasons one, what he did was dumb and screams look at me look at me and two his art seems very young and undeveloped. Not Cool!

Brunce Munro at Longwood Gardens

Brunce Munro is a light artist who was commissioned by Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square PA to create this beautiful light display. The exhibit will be up until September 11th, if you are in or around PA please go check it out. I will be sometime next month, Longwood Gardens alone is worth the trip but this beautiful exhibit makes it a must visit.


K.D. Lang : Hallelujah

It became clear to me that I have been neglecting music on this site so I will fix this with one of my all time favorite performances, K.D. Lang's Hallelujah.

The outpouring of her soul in this performance rocks me to my core every time I hear it and reverberates through my soul like no other.

Sculpture by Chie Aoki

Chie Aoki created this wonderfully bizarre sculpture in 2010 and exhibited it at the International Triennale of Contemporary Art Kanazawa crafts.

Wire Sculptures by David Oliveira

David Oliveira has created this series of scribbled wire sculptures that look a lot like an ink doodle. Pretty cool!

Phil Hansen : Tattoo a Banana

Phil Hansen is an artist I have been following for quite some time. It started for me with his influence video where he took the time to paint 30 people who influenced him in some way on his chest. Since then he has been taking on his goodby art (my favorite being "Jimi Hendrix on Fire"where he makes art out of everyday objects that by nature are temporary.

Now he has a new book called 'Tattoo a Banana" where he teaches a bit about using everyday objects to make art. Here is a little video about it. Pretty cool, would be fun to do with kids, and childish adults.

Oragami Rainbow Stret Art by Mademoiselle Maurice

Mademoiselle Maurice creates these great origami rainbows in the streets of Paris. Some of the best street artists come from paris and these installations are another beautiful example of it.


Jo Hamilton's Crochet Portraits

Jo Hamilton uses real photos, breaks them down into individual colors and crochets these amazing works!

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