Awesome (Potential) Product - PyroPet

I introduce to you : Pyropet

This product is currently under development, but it looks like an awesome novelty for parties and get-togethers. If "they" are seeing this now, I'd love to see one with a blood-red center so as it melts it oozes red!


  1. Replies
    1. I am in the process of procuring these to be the premier product of the CultureWick shop, so keep an eye out!

    2. I am also interested in acquiring a few!!!! Please keep me posted as to when I can!

  2. how can i order? where to buy? thanks

  3. I am a candle maker but these are the coolest thing ever! You will sell millions, I guarantee! Please keep us posted. Not only do I want some personally, I would love to carry them for you in my shop.

  4. Not for someone who's lost a pet in a fire. I'm going to cry.


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