Nick Brandt : Lake Natron

In norther Tanzania, right by the Kenyan border is a spring fed lake called Lake Natron - This lake is unique in that it's water has a ph of 9-10.5 with temperatures that can reach 140 °F (60c) making it an incredibly harsh environment for any living thing including these poor birds and bats.

They flew into the lake for a drink, or perhaps confused by the highly reflective nature of this body of water and died. Their bodies bathed in this hot, highly caustic water they begin to calcify, a natural embalming process preserving their bodies. Photographer and director Nick Brandt revealed in his new book Across the Ravaged Land these amazing photos.

Seeing the calcified carcases around the lake he decided to breath new life into them, photographing them in life-like poses. Just amazing!


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