The Disturbingly Brilliant Work of Hedi Xandt

These pieces by Hedi Xandt are equial parts brilliant and disturbing!
The God Of The Grove, 2013. gold-plated brass, polymer, distressed black finish, marble.
The Longer You Last, 2013 gold-plated cast of an 18th century skull with inserted nails, custom-made black-red perspex fixture.

Toni Kanwa : Cosmology

Cosmology is a collection of 1,000 hand carved wooden sculptures approximately the size of a needle.
This collection is currently being exhibited at the Singapore Biennale


Maria Bang Espersen : Omtanke

Maria Bang Espersen is a creative artist from Denmark that created this series without any high temperature remelts making them much more eco friendly than some of the other recycled/upcycled projects out there. These are simply cut, and sandblasted making these beautiful, functional pieces of art.

Studio Shikai : Ripple

Ripple is a project studying the beauty of glass material. While a focus beam of light projected through a gently rotating mouth-blown glass dome, shadow and light form a breathtaking, ever-changing pattern, where the aesthetic goes beyond the material itself.

The process of making this project includes both tradition glass craft skills and modern production engineering of the moving parts. The duo work closely with materials and found the beauty of glass lies in the uneven surface results from mouth-blowing process, while the craft skill makes the beauty of glass frozen in time, the elegant rotating movement brings the flow of material back to life, as if the dome exists with an uncertainty.

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