Frozen Bubble Photos by Angela Kelly

Angela Kelly mixed a solution of Karo, dish soap and water to blow bubbles in sub-freezing temperatures. Some froze in the air and shattered upon "touchdown" others landed and froze in place.
Either way they are amazing photos!

Aluminium Ant Colony Casts

One of the things that came out a while back was the video of the gigantic ant hill casting that was done to study the inner structure of the ant hills. It attracted a ton of attention and rightfully so! Check it out

Imagine my surprise when a friend sends me this link, to another take on the ant colony casting - this one as an art form and/or study model! Pretty cool! This man pours molten aluminum into ant hills to display their incredible work.

These are endlessly fascinating to me and make me wonder, I mean at the end of the day he is pouring molten aluminum into ant hills for the sake of art but at the same time, he could just spray them and they could die from insecticide exposure which I would think is a slower death than the molten metal, and these truly can be used for educational purposes.

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