Jennifer Trask's Bone Sculptures

Jennifer Trask creates these amazing bone sculptures out of bones, picture frames, and other found items. Their beauty has a distinct morbid feel about them that I love!


Andrea Hasler : Embrace the Base

Andrea Hasler used wax and Styrofoam to create these gory, bloody tents. The primary inspiration for these pieces are the protests she witnessed against nuclear proliferation in the 80's where tent cities were set up and piece camps were established to house the protesters.


Wonwoo Lee : Loft

Wonwoo Lee created this brilliant installation with a cardboard box, ladder, mirrors and a light.

Amazing doors by Klemens Torggler.

Klemens Torggler. is no stranger to design - when I saw these my head exploded a little - absolutely amazing! I need one! He seems to be focusing on doors - and I'm not complaining!

Absolutely mind blowing! Via
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